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    Dr. Nina Steinhäuser

    Dr. Nina Steinhäuser (Outpatient center)

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    Curriculum vitae

    1990 - 1993German School Singapore
    1995Graduation at the Olympia-Morata-School Schweinfurt
    1996 - 2002Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg (Major: Psychology), Graduation as "Dipl.-Psych." in 2002
    1997Internship at the Social-Psychiatric-Service Schweinfurt
    1998 - 2001Member of the "Mittwochsclub-Team": Organizing leisure activities for mentally ill people
    1999Internship at the counselling-center for children and adolescents
    1999Internship at the "Agnes-Sapper-Haus", Würzburg: Assisted living for chronic mentally ill people
    1999Internship at the Psychiatric Hospital, University Würzburg
    2003Clinical therapist at the Psychiatric Hospital Werneck
    2003 - 2005Clinical therapist at the Reha-Klinik Marbachtal of the LVA in Bad Kissingen (Psychosomatic Department)
    2006Licensure as Psychological Psychotherapist (behaviour therapy)
    since 2006Clinical therapist at the outpatient clinic of the Department of Biological and Clinical Psychology at the University of Würzburg
    2007 - 2012Research scientist in the BMBF-funded psychotherapy research project "Improving the treatment of panic disorder" at the outpatient center of the Julius-Maximilians-University
    2012PhD (Thesis: The role of safety behavior in exposure therapy in panic disorder with agoraphobia - moderators, mediators, and predictors)

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    Research interests

    • My special interest is to investigate outcome effects and mediators of psychotherapy, especially exposure therapy for anxiety patients.
    • In my thesis I investigated intercultural differences of emotion between individualistic (Germany) and collectivistic cultures (China).

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    Psychotherapeutic qualifications

    • Licensure as Psychological Psychotherapist (behaviour therapy)
    • Certificated study therapist in the BMBF-funded psychotherapy research project "Improving the treatment of panic disorder"
    • During my work at the Reha-Klinik Bad Kissingen I counselled therapy-groups for women after cancer treatment.

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