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Doktorand:innen-Workshop 2021

Covid-19 update

Dear all,

We are looking forward to welcoming you for the ADok next week. You can find a list of places to get tested before your arrival here.

!!! The full program is now available !!!

Best regards and, as always, thank you for your patience!

Your organizing team, Felicitas & Annika

10th A-Dok in Würzburg

Just in time for its 10th anniversary the A-Dok returns to its roots in Würzburg!

We would like to discuss research ideas, listen to captivating talks and share the perks of being a PhD student where everything started as a random idea of two former PhD students (Roland Pfister und Markus Janczyk). "How to create and convey science" will be the theme for this year's workshop. We are more than thrilled to invite you to Würzburg for the 10th edition of the Doktorand:innen Workshop from 16.-18.07.2021. Join us for a little birthday celebration.

Following the tradition, the workshop will be preceded by a Pre-Workshop finding answers on the imminent question "Good Publications – How do I achieve this?"
Together with Prof. Dr. Andreas Eder, we will tackle various questions evolving around the publication process: How to choose the right journal? How to write targeted to the audience? And what is a good cover letter?
Andreas Eder has long history as editor of the journal "Experimental Psychology". Combined with his experitse as reviewer and author of multiple books and countless research articles he can provide us with valuable insights from both ends of the publication process. Consequently, both young PhD students who just started their thesis as well as PhD students just about the wrap up their oeuvre can profit from his broad knowledge on publishing research.

Unfortunately, the best pulications in the most renowned journals are not necessarily a guarantee for diverse scholarly echange. To achieve this, researchers require a certain visibility complimented by a good network which boosts publications. Therefore, we are happy to announce Jun.-Prof. Dr. David Dignath as keynote speaker. His talk evolves around "networking and visibility". He will for instance show us how to initiate research collaborations with other domains of psychology. As his research focus is on action adaptation due to aggravated goal attainment and motivational aspects, David Dignath works on the border between social and cognitive psychology and can therefore share a lot of experience on cross-domain cooperation and networking.

One important goal of science should always be to make new knowledge accessible for all of society. Thus, we conclude the workshop with an interactive keynote by  Dr. Karin Bodewits titled “science communication – may everyone understand”. During this session, we will not only learn about the foundations of science communication but also get the opportunity to apply out newly acquired knowledge to our own research. After her PhD in Biology, Karin Bodewits went on to found her own business “Natural Science Careers” together with her husband. Ever since, she conducts workshops and coachings concentrated on science and career development. Additionally, she is author of the book “You must be very intelligent – the PhD delusion” and many articles and columns in various magazines.

Besides these quick bites of scientific metaknowledge, we mainly want to talk about real, recent and above all our own science. This is where you step into the ring. In short talks (~ 15 minutes, depending on the number of contributions) or poster presentations you will get the opportunity to share your ideas, plans for the PhD thesis, or even specific studies which you conducted. Work in progress, inconclusive data, and null effects are explicitly welcome.

To register, simply send us an email with you name, university, address, title of your conference contribution, type of contribution, and an abstract (max. 250 words) to adok2021.psychologie@uni-wuerzburg.de
Submission deadline for contributions as well as participation without contribution is 31.05.2021. As a substantial number of mails has reached us asking for more English content, we decided that the conference will be held in English (except for the Pre-Workshop); however, contributions are possible in both German and English.

Of course, we will also cater for your culinary needs. Thus, your conference fee of 30,00 Euros includes dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, as well as breakfast on Sunday. Additionally, coffee, tea and snacks will be provided throughout the workshop.

However, the most important thing about the A-Dok is the joy – in science, in exchange with others, in being together. Therefore, we are looking forward to spending some memorable time with you in Würzburg.

Best regards from your A-Dok organizing team
Annika Klaffehn & Felicitas Muth


We thank our sponsors for the funding