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    Department of Psychology I - Intervention Psychology



    The Institute of Psychology at the University of Würzburg offers therapy programmes for children ("KiSS") and adolescents ("JuST") who suffer from sleep disorders.

    Today, an increasing number of children and adolescents have problems with sleeping. Research indicates that 25 - 40 per cent of this age group may be affected. The outcome of this can be tiredness and exhaustion during the day, resulting in adverse effects on everyday life and social contact. This group frequently shows concentration and attention deficits, as well as increased irritability and susceptibility to stress.

    The long-term result may be anxiety and depression.

    Research has shown that the following symptoms are frequently manifested in such children and adolescents:

    • difficulties in initiating sleep
    • difficulties in maintaining sleep
    • night wakings
    • nightmares
    • sleepwalking
    • sleep-talking
    • body rocking
    • snoring or apneas during sleep
    • difficulties in waking at the desired time
    • concentration deficits
    • irritability
    • rumination

    In the course of a therapy programme children/adolescents, and also their parents, are offered support in how to cope with their individual sleeping problems.

    Our training programmes are:

    "KiSS" (for children aged 5-10)

    The therapy programme consists of three sessions (of 100 minutes each) for the children and another three for their parents. The aim of our training is to help children to sleep well and independently, and to assist their parents in learning various strategies to effectively support their children.

    "JuST" (for adolescents aged 11-16)

    This therapy programme consists of five sessions (of 100 minutes each) for the adolescents and also one for their parents. With the participants, we aim to work out the reasons for their sleeping problems and to practise possible solutions. Their parents receive additional information.

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