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    Department of Psychology IV

    Conditions and Application1


    You may apply for participation if all of the following conditions are met:

    • You are a graduate student (master, doctoral) in psychology, communication studies or related fields (e.g., educational science, empirical studies of literature, psycholinguistics).
    • You have sufficient English skills to follow and contribute to courses in English.

    Please note that a large percentage of accepted participants will likely be international students, i.e., students who are not and have never been enrolled at a German university.

    Fees and benefits:

    • The SALON Summer Module Course is free of charge for admitted participants (we expect to receive generous funding that covers all costs). There is no attendance fee. Participants will have to pay the enrolment fee of the  University of Würzburg (currently 142.70 Euros) but this fee will be reimbursed in form of a stipend.
    • Admitted participants will be able to choose from all online classes (lectures, hot-topic sessions, method workshops) offered for the SALON Summer Module Course and will receive all accompanying course materials free of charge (in electronic form).
    • We will offer interactive spaces for participants to meet informally with each other and with teachers of the SALON Summer Module Course.

    Further important information: Enrolment and health insurance

    For formal reasons, participants of the summer module course need to enrol as students at the University of Würzburg for the summer semester 2021 (module course of study, module "Pädagogische Psychologie des Lehrens und Lernens und Sozialpsychologie der Schule und Familie", 4 ECTS). Please be prepared to complete the enrolment application shortly after receiving an acceptance letter. You should check your mailbox on March 1st, 2021, and the following days and then immediately start the enrolment process (which can be done online).

    Participants will need to present proof for a health insurance valid in Germany for the duration of the summer semester (April-September 2021). International participants from EU countries simply need to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their health insurance provider (at no additional costs). Please note, however, that the EHIC needs to be recognized by a German statutory health insurance provider. For further information about health insurance for international students, see https://www.daad.de/en/study-and-research-in-germany/plan-your-studies/health-insurance/

    For international participants from outside the EU, proof of health insurannce will be waived. You don't need to provide proof of health insurance.


    Applications will only be handled electronically. Please download the application form and submit the filled-in form together with electronic copies of all other required documents - merged into one pdf-file - to the SALON office at salon2021@uni-wuerzburg.de. Please make sure to enter a valid e-mail-address and check your mailbox (including spam folder) regularly.

    Required documents:

    • application form for module course of studies. Please fill in your personal data and sign electronically (or print out the form with your personal data, sign it, and scan it back in).
      Please note: For formal reasons, you need to fill in as the main subject the module "Pädagogische Psychologie des Lehrens und Lernens und Sozalpsychologie der Schule und Familie" (SALON).
    • scan of passport (required for university registration); if possible, front and back side on the same page
    • passport photo (JPEG, not bigger than 2x2 cm, suitable for student ID); if possible, on the same page as your scan of passport
    • copies of all your secondary school certificates which entitle you to be admitted to a university. (These may have to be translated into German or English by an official translator if they are not available in a language using the Latin alphabet.)
    • copy of Higher Education Entrance Examination, if required in your home country
    • copies of transcripts and certificates obtained during a course of study at university in your home country. (These may have to be translated into German or English by an official translator if they are not available in a language using the Latin alphabet.)
    • short CV covering everything up to the date of application
    • applicants from China and Vietnam must submit the original certificate from the Academic Evaluation Center (Akademische Prüfstelle - APS). You'll get further information from the German Embassy in your home country.

    Attention: Please make sure to submit all required documents; incomplete applications cannot be processed.


    For all questions, get in touch with the SALON office at salon2021@uni-wuerzburg.de. We aim at getting back to you with an answer to your questions as soon as possible.