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    Dr. Lisa Weller

    Consultation hour by appointment via mail
    E-Mail lisa.weller@uni-wuerzburg.de
    Tel +49 931 31 81206
    Address Röntgenring 11 (red building)


    Research Interests

    • Action control and ideomotor theory
    • Sense of agency
    • Multitasking


    Peer-reviewed articles

    In press

    Reis, M., Weller, L., & Muth, F. V. (in press). To follow or not to follow: Influence of valence and consensus on the sense of agency. Consciousness and Cognition

    Neszmélyi, B., Weller, L., Kunde, W., & Pfister, R. (in press). Social action effects: Representing predicted partner responses in social  interactions. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2022.837495

    Weller, L., Pieczykolan, A., & Huestegge, L. (in press). Response modalities and the cognitive architecture underlying action control: Intra-modal trumps cross-modal action coordination. Cognition.


    Pfister, R.*, Tonn, S.*, Weller, L., Kunde, W., & Schwarz, K. A. (2021). To prevent means to know: Explicit but no implicit agency for prevention behavior. Cognition, 206, 104489. (* = equal author contribution).

    Tonn, S., Pfister, R., Klaffehn, A. L., Weller, L., Schwarz, K. A. (2021). Two faces of temporal binding: Action- and effect-binding are not correlated. Consciousness and Cognition, 96, 103219. 


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