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    Professur für Entwicklungspsychologie

    Information for international students (B.Sc. Psychology)

    You are welcome to sign up for our various courses in developmental psychology. We have compiled a list of courses that you may be interested in. Earning graded credits will require you to take the written exam about the lecture "Kognitive, soziale und emotionale Entwicklung". It is not possible to earn graded credits in the other courses. During the winter term 20/21 all seminars are taught via Zoom. The lecture will be available online.

    Course nameCourse TypeModuleECTSGraded?LecturerRequirementsLanguage
    Kognitive, soziale und emotionale EntwicklungLectureEpsy-15yesDiergartenWritten exam (2 hrs)German
    Kognitive, soziale und emotionale Entwicklung IISeminarEpsy-1None*noWannagat, NiedingOral presentation or written assignmentGerman
    AutismusSeminarEpsy-25noSegerLearning diaryGerman
    Soziale Interaktionen im Kindes- und JugendalterSeminarEpsy-25noHunzeWeekly written homeworks and zoom meetingsGerman

    *This seminar is an additional offer to the lecture. By giving an oral presentation or by completing a written assignment you are awarded a bonus that improves your grade in the written exam by one step. We highly recommend taking this course in addition to the lecture, not only because of the bonus but also because it covers the exam topics.