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Department of Psychology I - Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology
and Psychotherapy

Project Work MSc

Project Work MSc


  • Clinical psychology and experimental psychotherapy research (Prof. Dr. Pauli)
  • Experimental Clinical Psychology (Prof. Dr. Gamer)


  • 06-PSY-MA-KLI
  • 06-PSY-MA-EKI

The project work comprises 15 ECTS credits and is recommended for the second and third semesters and is divided into a 4 SWS course (experimental internship) in either Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychotherapy Research (06-PSY-MA-KLI) or Experimental Clinical Psychology (06-PSY-MA-EKI) and a seminar Projects and Methods (2 SWS).

The core of the experimental internship in the context of the project work is a guided scientific work, which ideally already serves the preparation of the master thesis. The aim of the course is to provide an insight into experimental research, which teaches the planning, execution, evaluation and reporting of an empirical research project and thus provides the methodological basis for the student's own master's thesis.

In the seminar Projects & Methods, the results of the internships as well as the planning and results of master's theses conducted in the two working groups are presented.


Experimental practical course: After discussing the results, the students write individual reports on these in manuscript form (max. 15 p.) following the guidelines of the DGPs/APA.

Seminar: Presentation of results from the project work or presentation of the master thesis (15 min + 6 p. elaboration/exposé).