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Research Network on Social Inequality

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Frank Asbrock

Juniorprofessor of Social Psychology, University of Chemnitz

Research Interest:

  • Ideological attitudes (authoritarianism, social dominance orientation) and prejudice
  • Intergroup contact
  • Intergroup conflicts and emotions towards social groups
  • Fundamental stereotype dimensions and discrimination
  • Neuroendocrinological correlates of stress and non-verbal behavior
  • Political psychology


Publications about Social Inequality:

Asbrock, F. & Pollmanns, C. (in preparation). No justice – no peace? Friedenspsychologische Perspektiven auf soziale Ungleichheit. Editorial zum Schwerpunktthema der Zeitschrift Politische Psychologie.
Becker, J.C., Hartwich, L. & Asbrock, F. (in preparation). Responses to social disadvantage among lower SES individuals.
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Asbrock, F. & Kauff, M. (2015). Authoritarian disbeliefs in diversity. Journal of Social Psychology, 155, 553-558.
Asbrock, F. & Fritsche, I. (2013). Authoritarian reactions to terrorist threat: Who is threatened, the Me or the We? International Journal of Psychology, 48, 35-49.
Becker, J.C., & Asbrock, F. (2012). What triggers helping versus harming of ambivalent groups? Effects of the relative salience of warmth versus competence. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48, 19-27.
Asbrock, F., Christ. O., Duckitt, J., & Sibley, C. G. (2012). Differential effects of intergroup contact for authoritarians and social dominators: A Dual Process Model perspective. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, 477-490.