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    Department of Psychology I - Intervention Psychology

    Pfeiffer, Maria MSc

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    Room 306
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    CV- Academic Education

    2021 - jetzt Research assistant and doctoral student within the Research Training Group 2660, Approach - Avoidance at the Department of Psychology I at the Universität Würzburg, work group Intervention Psychology of Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler
    2019 - 2021 Translational Neuroscience, M.Sc, JMU Würzburg
    Thesis title: Improving classification of the P300 component in a tactile brain-computer interface for a patient with ALS
    2015 - 2019 Philosophie-Neurowissenschaft-Kognition, B.A., OvGU Magdeburg
    Thesis title: Enhancing Personality: Can we become more our "self" by using tDCS to manipulate our desires
    2013 - 2015 Highschool diploma, Wirtemberg Gymansium, Stuttgart Untertürkheim


    2020 - 2021 Research Assistant at the Chair of Psychologie I, Work Group Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler
    2020 Internship in the Department of Psychology I, JMU Würzburg
    2020 Internship in the Neurology (Electrophysiology), Uni. Hopsital Würzburg
    2018 Internship in the Brain and Consciousness Lab, DUKE-NUS Singapore
    2016 Internship at the Leibnitz-Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg

    Research Interests

    • Neurofeedback - Modulation of correlates of conflict in approach-avoidance situation
    • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) - Optimization of signal classification