English Intern
Research Network on Social Inequality

Dr. Markus Barth

Researcher and Lecturer, University of Leipzig


  • Intergroup conflicts and reconciliation
  • Kollektives Handeln
  • Soziale Identität und Nachhaltigkeit


Publications about Social Inequality:

Deutsch, R., Barth, M., Roth, J., & Ebert, J. (in preparation). Biased perception of economic inequality: Anchoring, interpolation and smoothing as potential causes.
Deutsch, R., Roth, J., & Barth, M. (in preparation). The generalizability of anchoring and smoothing processes in the perception of distributions.
Roth, J., Barth, M., Mazziotta, A., Deutsch, R., & Wright S. C. (in preparation). Group status distinctively affects components of in-group identification.
Roth, J., Mazziotta, A., & Barth, M. (accepted). The Two-Dimensions-Five-Components Structure of In-group Identification is Invariant across Various Identification Patterns in Different Social Groups. Self and Identity.
Barth, M., Jugert, P., Wutzler, M., & Fritsche, I. (2015). Absolute moral standards and global identity as independent predictors of collective action against global injustice. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 918-930.