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    Department of Psychology I - Experimental Clinical Psychology

    Matthias Gamer

    Prof. Dr. Matthias Gamer

    Phone +49 931 31-89722
    Fax +49 931 31-82733
    E-Mail matthias.gamer@psychologie.uni-wuerzburg.de
    Room 206
    Office hours any time

    Curriculum vitae

    since 2015 Professor for Experimental Clinical Psychology (W2) at the University of Würzburg
    2011 - 2014 Research group leader "Social and Applied Psychophysiology"
    Department of Systems Neuroscience / University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
    2013 Best Ph.D. advisor in Biological Psychology
    Awarded by the German Society for Psychophysiology and its Application
    2008 - 2011 Postdoc in the project "The Role of the Emotional Network and Neuropeptidergic Modulation in Normal and Impaired Social Cognition"
    Department of Systems Neuroscience / University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
    2010 Young Scientist Award of the German Society for Psychophysiology and its Application
    2008 Ph.D. in Psychology (summa cum laude), Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
    2003 - 2008 Research assistant and Ph.D. student
    Experimental Psychology / Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
    2007 - 2009 Junior Member of the Gutenberg-Academy for excellent young scientists at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
    2005 Excellence in Teaching award of the federal state Rheinland-Pfalz
    1997 - 2003 Studies in Psychology (Diploma) at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

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    Research grants

    2016 - 2020 SFB-TRR 58, Project C10:
    "Interaction of attentional and learning processes during acquisition, generalization and loss of fear" (Gamer, M.)
    2014 - 2019 ERC Starting Grant, Project No. 336305
    "Mechanisms of Social Attention" (MESA)
    2011 - 2014 DFG Research grant, GA 1621/2-1:
    "Functional role of the amygdala in normal and impaired social perception" (Gamer, M., Büchel, C.)
    2010 - 2013 DFG Research grant, GA 1621/1-1:
    "Emotional modulation of memory encoding and retrieval in the Concealed Information Test" (Gamer, M., Sommer-Blöchl, T., Büchel, C., Vossel, G.)
    2007 - 2012 Project funding of the Research Focus on Interdisciplinary Neurosciences of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz:
    "Emotion processing in hypnotically induced and clinical depersonalization" (Michal, M., Beutel, M.E., Subic-Wrana, C., Stoeter, P., Bauermann, T., Vossel, G., Gamer, M., Schreckenberger, M., Metzinger, T.)

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    • Founding member of the "European consortium of Psychological Research On Deception Detection" (E-PRODD, http://eprodd.eu)
    • German Psychological Society (DGPs):
      - Section "General Psychology"
      - Section "Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology"
    • German Society for Psychophysiology and its Application (DGPA)
    • Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)
    • Society for Neuroscience (SfN)
    • Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR)

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    Editorial work

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    • Ad hoc reviewer for more than 45 journals including Science, PNAS, Journal of Neuroscience, Biological Psychiatry, NeuroImage, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Cerebral Cortex, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Biological Psychology
    • Ad hoc reviewer for several funding agencies including U.S. National Science Foundation, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Israel Science Foundation (ISF), Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)

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