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    Developmental Psychology

    Monique Rumi, M.Sc.

    Phone:+49 931 - 31 84431
    Address:Röntgenring 10, room 113
    Office hours:by appointment

    • Media literacy in teenagers/adolescents
    • Media Psychology

    Rumi, M., Kampel, S., Bornemeier, J., & Ohler, P. (2022). But he deserved it! Meta analysis of the efficacy of moral disengagement cues in narrations. Presented at 72nd Annual ICA Conference, Paris, France.

    Kevin, K., Rumi, M., Pöschl, M., & Ohler, P. (2021). Seeing characters in a different light: Psychological consequences of actor-character mismatches for viewers' involvement in fictitious characters. Psychology of Popular Media. Advance online publication. doi:10.1037/ppm0000340.

    since 07/2022Research associate at the chair of Developmental Psychology
    04/2021 - 06/2022 Research associate at the chair of Media Psychology, TU Chemnitz
    2018 - 2021Tutor and research assistant at the chair of Media Psychology, TU Chemnitz
    2018 - 2021M.Sc. Media and Instructional Psychology, TU Chemnitz
    2015 - 2018B.A. Media Communication, TU Chemnitz