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3. Meeting of the DFG-Research Group "Lasting Learning"

The 3rd meeting of the DFG-Research Group took place on December 11, 2023 online per zoom.

We started with a review of the most important milestones of the DFG-Research Group 2023:

  • The Würzburg International Autumn School on Lasting Learning (WIASLL23) was held in Würzburg in October 2023, organized by the coordination team of the DFG-Research Group (Dr. Veit Kubik, Prof. Dr. Mirjam Ebersbach, and Prof. Dr. Tobias Richter). The WIASLL23 attracted 58 participants and featured 30 keynote speakers, including Prof. Veronica Yan, Prof. Shana Carpenter, Prof. Steven Pan, Prof. Alexander Renkl and Prof. Garvin Brod. More information on WIASLL23 is available here.
  • To implement Open Science practices in the field of educational psychology and educational science remains an ongoing effort. Dr. Veit Kubik held an Open Science Workshop for the doctoral students and postdocs of the DFG-Research Group in March 2023. The DFG-Research Group plans to consistently adopt Open Science practices in all research projects. More details on the Open Science Workshop can be found here.
  • Significant progress has been made this year in improving the online presence of our research group. We launched the WIASLL website and the DFG-Research Group website. In addition, the DFG-Research Group has launched social media channels on platforms X and BlueSky to provide regular updates on ongoing research, activities, events, and profiles of the eight research projects. For example, informative videos highlighting the research questions of the eight research projects have been launched.

In 2024, we plan to organize and contribute to the following conferences:

  • Gesellschaft für Empirische Bildungsforschung (GEBF) in Potsdam: A symposium entitled "Benefits of Generative Learning Activities for Creating Lasting Knowledge", organized by Dr. Veit Kubik, Prof. Dr. Mirjam Ebersbach, and Prof. Dr. Tobias Richter, has been accepted, including various contributions from our research group.
  • DGPs in Vienna September 2024: Here we are organizing a CORE Symposium on “Lasting Learning” together with the Special Interest Groups of Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and General Psychology, including 17 contributions and 3 discussions. The keynote speaker will be Prof. Lisa Son from Columbia University, USA.  
  • Members of the research projects are planning to present their research at several prominent conferences, such as the annual meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse in Chicago, the EARLI Special Interest Groups on Instructional Design and Technology-Enhanced Learning (SIG 06/07) in Tübingen, on Metacognition and Self-regulated Learning (SIG 16) in Heidelberg, and in several other conferences.
  • A workshop on the research software "Labvanced" is planned for the 19th of February 2024. 
  • We are currently launching two special issues on the following topics:
    • Learning and Instruction: “Toward lasting learning: Cognitive mechanisms and instructional means to maintain the outcomes of meaningful learning", organized by Prof. Dr. Julian Roelle, and Prof. Dr. Tobias Richter.
    • Learning and Individual Differences: „Do desirable difficulties benefit all? On the role of individual differences for the effects of desirable difficulties in meaningful learning”, organized by Dr. Veit Kubik, Prof. Dr. Tobias Richter, Dr. Amber Witherby, and Dr. Hannah Hausman.

As the main part of the online meeting of the DFG-Research Group, the eight individual projects presented their updates and progress during the last six months, followed by a short discussion.

The next meetings of the DFG-Research Group will be held per zoom in Spring 2024 and in Würzburg in Autumn 2024.