Lehrstuhl für Psychologie III

Viola Mocke M.Sc.

M.Sc. Viola Mocke

PhD student
Lehrstuhl Psychologie III
Röntgenring 11
97070 Würzburg
Gebäude: Gelbe Villa
Raum: 303
Telefon: +49 931 31-81904

2024[ to top ]
  • Consensus definitions of ...
    Frings, C., Beste, C., Benini, E., Möller, M., Dignath, D., Giesen, C. G., Hommel, B., Kiesel, A., Koch, I., Kunde, W., Mayr, S., Mocke, V., Moeller, B., Münchau, A., Parmar, J., Pastötter, B., Pfister, R., Philipp, A. M., Qiu, R., … Schmalbrock, P. (2024). Consensus definitions of perception-action-integration in action control. Communications Psychology, 2, 7.
2023[ to top ]
  • What is behind partial re...
    Mocke, V., Benini, E., Parmar, J., Schiltenwolf, M., & Kunde, W. (2023). What is behind partial repetition costs? Event-files do not fully occupy bound feature codes. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 30, 1463–1474.
2022[ to top ]
  • Beyond Left and Right: Bi...
    Mocke, V., Holzmann, P., Hommel, B., & Kunde, W. (2022). Beyond Left and Right: Binding and Retrieval of Spatial and Temporal Features of Planned Actions. Journal of Cognition, 5(1), 1-16.
2020[ to top ]
  • Task relevance determines...
    Mocke, V., Weller, L., Frings, C., Rothermund, K., & Kunde, W. (2020). Task relevance determines binding of effect features in action planning. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 82, 3811-3831.