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Institute of Psychology

Buildings and Places

Marcusstraße 9 - 11

Department of Psychology I

Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Psychotherapy
Psychological Intervention, Behavior Analysis, and Regulation of Behavior
Differential Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Psychological Diagnostics
Experimental Clinical Psychology

Outpatient center for Psychotherapy 

Röntgenring 11

Department of Psychology III

Experimental and Cognitive Psychology / Traffic Psychology
Psychological Methods, Cognition und Applied Research
Research Methods & Social Cognition

Röntgenring 10

Department of Psychology II

Emotion und Motivation
Arbeits-, Betriebs- und Organisationspsychologie
Sozialpsychologie und Allgemeinpsychologie 

Department of Psychology IV

Pädagogische Psychologie
Psychological Counselling Centre for Giftedness
Partial Library of Psychology