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Institute of Psychology

Equal Opportunities Funding of the Institute of Psychology

While women still make up the overwhelming majority of students in undergraduate psychology programs, this relationship is reversed later on the way to professorship. The Institute of Psychology aims to make a small contribution to a gender balance at various career levels with its concept of promoting gender equality.


Funding opportunities:

1. Support for Research Work

- Doctoral students (male and female) can apply for a grant for their research work up to a maximum of 3000 €.

- Female postdoctoral researchers can apply for a grant for their research work up to a maximum of 3000 €.

- Material resources and funds for student research assistants can be applied for.

Application: Description of the project on a maximum of 2 pages plus a detailed statement of costs. One person can submit one application per year at the most.

2. Support for Further Training

Doctoral candidates can apply for a grant of up to 500 € for further training. The training must be clearly related to research and/or teaching.

Application: Description of the advanced training, description of the research/teaching relevance and list of costs. Payment of the grant is only possible on presentation of appropriate receipts including confirmation of participation.

3. Karl-Marbe-Award for Young Women Scientists

Karl Marbe habilitated the first woman at the University of Würzburg in psychology. The prize is awarded annually for a work published or accepted last year by young female scientists (doctoral and postdoctoral candidates). The prize money serves to further support research. The prize is endowed with 1000 €.

Application: Published or accepted work and presentation of one's own contribution (in the case of several authors).

4. Charlotte-and-Karl-Bühler-Lecture

Once a year, a woman can be invited to a lecture at the Psychological Institute as part of the Charlotte-and-Karl-Bühler Lecture. A maximum of 1000 € can be requested.

Proposals: Short introduction of the person to be invited with research focus and lecture topic (1 page); detailed statement of costs. A commission of the Institute of Psychology decides on the award based on an assessment of the scientific quality of the submitted paper.

Proposals, applications and proposals for all lines of funding can be submitted by e-mail to the Institute's Equal Opportunity Officer by May 1 of each year.

Würzburg, 18. December 2019