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Institute of Psychology

Charlotte-und-Karl-Bühler-Lecture Series

The Charlotte-and-Karl-Bühler Lecture Series is a departmental series of talks from renowned psychologists on topics that are relevant to several fields in psychology. A talk is presented every semester and they are open to the public.

Previous lectures:

Jan De Houwer (Ghent University, Belgium):
“A functional-cognitive framework for psychology: Lessons from learning and attitude research”

Heidi Keller (University of Osnabrück): 
"Kultur und Entwicklung - eine untrennbare Allianz. Konsequenzen für eine differentielle Betrachtung menschlicher Entwicklung."

John J. Allen (University of Arizon, USA): 
"Multimodal Assessment of Neural Systems for Cognitive Control of Emotions in Depression: Towards a Neurally-informed Treatment Approach

Kevin O'Regan (Institut Paris Descartes de Neurosciences et Cognition, France): 
"A sensorimotor account of phenomenal consciousness: why red doesn't ring like a bell?

Thomas Mussweiler (London Business School, UK): 
"One for all .. relativity in social cognition

Stefan Lauterbacher (University of Bamberg):
"Die Gesichter des Schmerzes"

Nathalie Sebanz (Central European University, Hungary):
"How t(w)o act together: Planning, coordination, and learning in joint action"

 Rolf Zwaan (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands):
"Making replication mainstream"

Tom Beckers (KU Leuven, Belgium):
"Targeted memory erasure as a treatment for emotional disorders: Fact and fiction."

Bruce Bartholow (University of Missouri, USA):
"Brain responses to drug cues and risk for addiction."

Christian Frings (University of Trier, Germany):
"Binding und retrieval in der Verhaltenskontrolle - Ein neues Rahmenmodell."