Professur für Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie

    Erasmus Students

    Welcome! Willkommen! Welkom! Bienvenue! Bienvenido! Benvenuto!

    Dear Erasmus or exchange students,

    thank you for your interest in Work & Organizational Psychology at the University of Würzburg!

    If you plan to attend courses in Work & Organizational Psychology, please note the following general information:

    • Lecture “Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie (Introduction to work and organizational psychology”): We offer a two-term long lecture on the introduction to work & organizational psychology (given in German). In the fall term, topics of the lecture range from personnel to organizational psychology (e.g., personnel selection, human resource development, leadership), and in the spring term, topics are focused on work and economic psychology (e.g., work design, motivation, job stress). The course is graded with a multiple-choice exam (in German) (6 ECTS) about the content of both terms. If you only wish to take one part of the lecture, please contact the lecturer for alternative examination options.
    • Seminar “Social Relations in the workplace”(in English): This seminar is part of a two-seminar module. The second seminar (Social cognition and interaction) is offered by the chair of social psychology. The course (consisting of both seminars; 6 ECTS) is graded with an exam with open questions (in English) about the contents of both seminars. Please see WueStudy for further information to register for the course.
    • Seminar: “Seminare der Arbeit- und Organisationspsychologie mit Bonus”: We offer several seminar groups per term. Most seminar groups are held in German (though you are welcome to contribute in English) and aim to offer one group in English each term. Please check WueStudy for an overview of the different groups. You can earn 3-5 ECTS for participation (depending on the amount of course assignments). Please contact the lecturer of the seminar for details about course assignments and ECTS.

    For further information about the Erasmus exchange program in Psychology see

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