Lehrstuhl für Psychologie IV - Pädagogische Psychologie

    Incoming Students

    A cordial welcome to the University of Würzburg! We are pleased that you are interested in studying Psychology here within the Erasmus exchange or partnership programs. Your primary contact address for questions regarding courses and Learning Agreements: For all other questions (housing, insurances, enrollment, nomination ...), please contact the incoming team of the international office.

    Please note that we offer a number of courses in English, but the majority of courses are held in German. Quick information: Please check out the general Module Catalogue, the  English Course Catalogue, and the module descriptions (Bachelor: Modules1 & Modules2 + Annex, Master: Modules 1 und Modules 2 + Annex; Complete list). Of course, all courses are open to you, but here you can find courses that are taught explicetely in English language, or where you can contribute in English. Additionally, please consult the complete university course catalogue and the information of the Faculty of Human Sciences on other available modules in English language.

    Important Dates

    To plan your stay, please have a look at the following dates.


    Würzburg is a lively city with a rich culture, historical buildings and a long academic tradition. Please get some visual impressions from the city and the university here.

    The Department of Psychology

    In 1896 Oswald Külpe founded the “Institut für Psychologie” in Würzburg which belongs to the oldest Psychology departments in Germany. Oswald Külpe and his colleagues established a research direction which became world famous as the "Würzburg school of psychology of thinking”.

    Structure of the Institute

    The Study of Psychology deals with the scientific study of human thoughts, feelings and behavior. Our department  is known for its scientific, experimental psychological orientation and it is grouped into four chairs.

    Study Programme

    The study programme is divided into the Bachelor (180 ECTS) and the Master (120 ECTS) degree. The study is segmented into compulsory, elective and optional course and you can freely choose from the complete programme.

    Course choice

    Here, you will find information on the available courses, the English course catalogue and the recognition of the courses at home.

    Application and Admission

    To come here, your home university must nominate you. Please have a look at the single steps.

    Getting in touch with other students

    Once, you come here, the university will help you on different levels to get in touch with students from Würzburg.

    Helpful Addresses, Webpages and Ressources

    There are different contact persons resp. institutions, according to what information you need:

    • International Office
    • Erasmus office at the department
    • Centre for Language
    • Online Course Platform (WueStudy)

    Here, you find an overview.

    Summer Schools

    The Institute of Psychology regularly offers summer schools. Upcoming Summer Schools (2023):