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Department of Psychology II - Social psychology

Patrick Rothermund

Scientific Assistant

M.Sc. Patrick Rothermund

Lehrstuhl für Psychologie II
Röntgenring 10
97070 Würzburg
Room: 208

Since April 2022:
Scientific assistant at the Department of Psychology II (social psychology group) at University of Würzburg

Master Degree Psychology (M.Sc.), University of Würzburg

Bachelor Degree Psychology (B.Sc.), University of Würzburg

  • Stereotypes
  • Perception of social majorities and minorities
  • Attribution of behavior
  • Language and gender representation

Rothermund, P., & Strack, F. (2024). Reminding may not be enough: Overcoming the male dominance of the generic masculine. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 0(0).

Rothermund, P., & Deutsch, R. (2023). Exaggerating differences back and forth: Two levels of intergroup accentuation. British Journal of Social Psychology, 0(0).