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Stegmann, Y., Andreatta, M., Pauli, P. et al. (2021) Associative learning shapes visual discrimination in a web-based classical conditioning task. Sci Rep 11, 15762. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-95200-6

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Stegmann, Y., Ahrens, L., Pauli, P., Keil, A., & Wieser, M. J. (2020). Social aversive generalization learning sharpens the tuning of visuocortical neurons to facial identity cues. Elife, 9, e55204.

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Stegmann, Y., Reicherts, P., Andreatta, M., Pauli, P., & Wieser, M. J. (2019). The effect of trait anxiety on attentional mechanisms in combined context and cue conditioning and extinction learning. Scientific reports, 9(1), 1-12.

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