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    Department of Psychology IV

    Important Dates and News

    To plan your stay, please have a look at the following dates (further information is available via Fristen und Termine in German language). Please keep in mind, that in case of final exams, these usually take place after the courses have finished. The course registration usually starts at the beginning of March for the summer term and at the beginning of September for the winter term, some time after the publication of the official course list (via WueStudy).

    Term Publication of course list Official start of term Official start of courses End of course period Official end of semester
    Autumn 2023/2024 approx. end of June 01.10.2023 16.10.2023 09.02.2024 31.03.2024
    Spring 2024 approx. mid of January 01.04.2024 15.04.2024 19.07.2024 30.09.2024
    Autumn 2024/2025 approx. end of June 01.10.2024 14.10.2024 07.02.2025 31.03.2025


    Please plan your arrival with a margin of two weeks (!) to the start of the courses. Introductory days take place during that period and there is quite something to do prior to the start of the courses (get your studnet ID and enroll as a student, enroll to the courses, visit the introductory day, arrange everything regarding accomodation, finding all relevant buildung ...). It is usually a good decision to already attend language intensive courses and at least come 2 weeks before the courses start. It is a bad decision to arrive too late. To our experiences, students run into all kinds of problems in that case!

    Introductory Day

    Prior to the beginning of the lectures, you have an introductory day at the Institute of Psychology, where the student advisors will show you all buildings, help you with course registration and point you to important locations in the town (grocery stores, shopping, leisure activities). The incoming days will take place in the week before the start of the courses. Additionally, the student association in Psychology FIPS will have introductory days every term before the courses start - a perfect opportunity to get an overview and to connect to other students in psychology - rely a "must have"!