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    Department of Psychology IV

    Structure of the Insitute of Psychology

    The Study of Psychology deals with the scientific study of human thoughts, feelings and behavior. Our department is known for its scientific, experimental psychological orientation. Studying Psychology in Würzburg means studying in small classes and experiencing a close and friendly relationship between teachers and students. The department consists of four “Lehrstühle” (chairs) which are spread throughout the city center close to the central railway station.

    1. Chair of Psychology I
      Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
      Psychological Intervention, Behavior Analysis & Behavior Regulation
      Differential Psychology & Diagnostic
      Experimental Clinical Psychology
      Ambulance for Psychotherapy
    2. Chair of Psychology II
      Social Psychology
      General Psychology: Motivation and Emotion
      Work and Organizational Psychology (please have a look at the regulations for Erasmus students)
    3. Chair of Psychology III
      Cognitive Psychology and Behavior Control
      Traffic Sciences
    4. Chair of Psychology IV
      Educational Psychology
      Developmental Psychology


    Additionally, there are even further "add-on" institutions like the Center for History of Psychology, which is definetly worth a visit.