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    Department of Psychology IV

    Bachelor's/ Master's Theses

    We supervise psychological Bachelor's and Master's Theses on all topics that fall in the range of our research. Students may also choose other topics from Educational Psychology and adjacent fields (e.g. Cognitive Psychology or Developmental Psychology) upon consultation. If you are interested, please contact the academic staff listed for each topic or Prof. Richter.

    At a glance, we supervise Bachelor's/ Master's Theses related to the following research topics:

    Topic Academic Staff
    Cognitive Foundations of Learning Kubik, Lenhard, Michel, Richter
    Language and Text Comprehension Buchner, Klimovich, Lenhard, Richter, Wertgen
    Reading Literacy Endlich, LenhardMuenchow, Richter
    Cognitive Development Endlich, Lenhard, Mangold, Michel, Tibken
    Motoric Development Michel
    Learning and Behavioral Disorders Endlich, Heß, Lenhard, Richter, Schmiedeler, Tibken
    Psychological Assessment in Education Endlich, Lenhard, Mangold, Muenchow, Richter
    Psychological Interventions in Education Heß, Lenhard, Muenchow, Richter, Schmiedeler,  Tibken
    Giftedness von der LindenRichter, Schmiedeler, Tibken
    Psychological Effects of Stories Lenhard, Lenhart, Richter, Schwerin, Klöppel